So, I Write

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a young girl. I actually wrote a book for my own enjoyment in the sixth grade. I’m sure it was terrible writing and the story was completely unrealistic, but I truly enjoyed it. The characters became real in my mind and I spent many late nights hanging out in my room just dreaming away through my own stories. I went through a phase where VC Andrews was my favorite author, but her stuff began to give me the creeps as I got older. If you’ve read her stuff, you’ll know what I mean. Nevertheless, I used to spend hours reading her books and actually read an entire series in a week. I suppose you can say I love reading too.

As a mom of 4, homemaker, and wife who wears many hats, I find it hard to stop and read. However, I LOVE the Kindle app on my phone and reading a good book before bed. I enjoy Christian fiction, romance (though spare me the ripped bodice and Fabio please), and mystery. I also love history and random pop culture trivia. I tend to know a lot of useless information about whatever strikes my fancy for the time being.😜

My husband is my absolute best friend, hands down. He is my supporter, my encouragement, my motivator … I just don’t know what I’d do without him. He is a good looking country fella with a thick accent and sometimes he talks without thinkin. He works hard at everything he does, he’s a fantastic daddy to our kids, and I adore him. I’m sure I’ll be talking about him a lot.

I have four beautiful children, as well as a sweetheart baby in Heaven.

Other things to know: I homeschool my kids. I suffer from anxiety disorder, but thank the Lord for Celexa. I drafted a novel once. I really ought to finish that thing. I play the piano by ear. I really enjoy wearing make up and learning new tricks. I love using social media and meeting people. I’m terrible at public speaking. Along with coffee, I adore diet coke and Reese’s cups. 

Thanks for dropping by. Grab a piping hot cup of joe and stay awhile!